Yilin for Ward 2

I have a vision for a better quality of life for Ward 2 residents, that is grounded in being inclusive, safe, and family centered.

Yilin (Ye-lynn) is a progressive Democrat running for DC Council Ward 2.

Yilin first moved to Washington, DC in 2009 for a public service internship, and subsequently in 2010 after a Fulbright Fellowship to pursue her career in health care. She is a first generation Chinese American who grew up in Michigan. Growing up in a dual language household and dual culture taught her the importance of diversity of thought and perspectives.

Driving Community Engagement Through Relatable and Accessible Politics

 Journey to Ward 2 Candidacy

At the age of three, Yilin came with her mother to the U.S. to join her father. The move was unexpected, and she and her mother, a schoolteacher, did not speak English. They lived on her father’s graduate student salary, and her mother balanced caring for the family and working in a deli shop and cleaning houses.

Even with little financial resources to give, Yilin’s parents showed her a strong spirit of service and volunteerism. This led Yilin to establish, in high school, a chapter of an international nonprofit that builds schools in developing countries; and, in college, a nonprofit that promotes the health and education of children; working in community health fairs to increase health and health care literacy; and volunteering at soup kitchens.

A year-and-a-half-ago, Yilin discovered how she could more tangibly take part in and make a difference in our democracy – in the fight for DC Statehood. Working with the League of Women Voters, she presented to audiences across the country to raise awareness about DC’s need for voting representation in Congress and equal rights for all (https://www.lwvdc.org/dc-statehood).
This is our right.



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Yilin is focused on a better quality of life for the community, obtained through an inclusive and transparent process. We are refusing corporate contributions and taking donations only up to $50.
If you’re a DC resident, your donation will be matched 5 to 1 by DC’s new public financing program. ($5 becomes $30, $10 becomes 60, $25 becomes $150, $50 becomes $300).
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