All children deserve equal access to quality education and educational resources. The zip code or type of school one attends should not determine the quality of their educational experience. My parents, who immigrated to the U.S. with very little, had to work hard and save to ensure that I could attend quality public schools. I will fight for the transparent and equitable distribution of funding for schools so that students, teachers, and parents have the resources they need.


Our homeless neighbors need stable housing and streamlined wraparound services coordinated through continuous case management. These wraparound services may include behavioral and mental health, substance abuse resources, and long-term employment opportunities. These long-term investments will help protect our most vulnerable residents and give them the opportunities they need.


Many small businesses – especially restaurants that are now only offering take-out/delivery – operate on very thin margins. Many have already closed. The economic impact of COVID-19 will be long-term, and I fear that many of our small businesses will not be able to keep their doors open. We need to provide more grants – not loans – and develop innovative resources to make sure our small businesses survive and thrive. 


DC was short changed an estimated $750 million in federal COVID-19 relief funding because it is not a state. DC has a larger population than two states and residents pay more in federal tax per capita than any other state. Yet, we still lack voting representation in Congress. I have been fighting for DC Statehood for more than two years with the League of Women Voters. We need to continue to speak with family and friends about DC Statehood across the country, and to fight to ensure HR 51 is passed.


DC has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country. Having worked in the healthcare industry over the last decade, starting first as a published researcher and eventually becoming a business development executive, I will continue to fight for the equitable distribution of quality and culturally-sensitive health care. It is vital that health care is easily accessible by all communities.


Tenants of all socio-economic groups have a difficult time meeting the high rent costs in Ward 2. Low income residents especially have an incredible financial burden to meet the increasing cost of living. Luxury buildings are growing at a rampant pace, and Ward 2 is seeing less and less green space.

I will fight for thoughtful development, development that includes housing that is deeply affordable, and development that allows our local and small businesses to thrive.


I have a vision for a greener Ward 2, where there are more public parks to enjoy – for individuals, families, and their furry companions. I will also fight for safer roads and sidewalks, as well as a robust infrastructure that can safely accommodate current and future transportation technologies


Criminalization does not eradicate sex work. What it does do, is push sex workers away from resources and support and toward unsafe conditions. Decriminalization is the first step toward a safer and healthier environment. In the long-term, we need to provide more affordable housing and public housing, and create a diverse economy that allows increased employment opportunities and equitable upward mobility for all communities.