The daughter of hard-working immigrant parents with engineering and teaching backgrounds, Yilin grew up in California and Michigan. When she moved to California at the age of three with her mother to reunite with her father, they lived on one graduate student salary. 

Even though her mother did not speak English at the time, she worked in a deli store and cleaned houses to help support the family. From her parents, Yilin learned what it means to navigate cultural and class differences, and persevere in building one's dreams. She would not be where she is today without the tremendous support of her family and friends.


Yilin has spent almost all of her professional career in downtown DC and the DC area, and has lived in VA and three neighborhoods in Ward 2. In the last 10 years, Yilin has worked in the federal, academic, commercial, and non-profit health care space to improve health care access, delivery, and health outcomes.

She completed her Master of Science in Health Policy and Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science as a Rotary Scholar, and a Bachelors in Anthropology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.


Equality Meets Opportunity

I’m running because we need to find real solutions for our homeless. Many in the district cannot go to a shelter, out of fear for safety, cleanliness, refusal to bring pets, or couples without children. Our homeless need housing – and coordinated, continued access to wraparound services, including health care access, mental and behavioral health support, and addiction treatment. 


I’m running because we need support for our local and small business community.  DC was short changed more than $700 M in federal COVID-19 relief funding because it is not a state. Many small businesses, and especially our restaurants that are now only offering take-out/delivery, operate on very thin margins. Many have already closed. Even after we reopen our economy, some businesses may not survive past this year.


We need DC Statehood, and I have been fighting to achieve this for more than two years. We need representation. 


I’m not running to enrich myself. I’m not running to just serve certain people. I’m running because I want to see opportunities for everyone. I want better schools – and it is all too easy to see how Covid-19 has affected education due to lack of technology access across all our schools and students’ homes. We need to invest our funds so that every community gets a fair share of our tax dollars. Like many of you, I’m tired of injustice, I’m tired of seeing our concerns pushed aside, and lack of consistent enforcement of laws.


With your vote and support... together we can fight to make our future better for all of us.